Contact pressure gauge SUKU Type 4312

Contact pressure gauge SUKU Type 4312

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Contact pressure gauge SUKU Type 4312 isThe diaphragm system makes the gauges extensively incentive to vibration or jarring and produces a high level of overpressure protection and actuating force. As a result of that, diaphragm pressure gauges are particularly suitable for connection of electric alarm contacts. Electric alarm contacts open and close circuits in response to the position of the pressure gauge pointer.

Type: 4312

Manufacturer: SUKU

Made in Germany

Product Category:
Measuring Range 0...10 up to 0...400 mbar (flange diameter 160, opt. 400 mbar flange Ø100) - 0...0,6 up to 0...40 bar (flange diameter 100) - .-0,6...0 up to -1…+15 bar (flange diameter 100)
Accuracy Class 1,6; Class 2,5 with liquid filling and measuring ranges < 600 mbar
Case Stainless steel with cable socket
Window Plastic, Polycarbonat
Without Liquid filling
Dimensions flange 100 mm (from 600 mbar) - flange 160 mm (up to 400 mbar)
Connection G1/2 B, bottom or DIN-flange, Stainless steel 1.4571
Magnetic snap-action contact or inductive contact Single or double
Protection IP54

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