Inductive Sensors Xecro IPS30-S10PC79-A12

Inductive Sensors Xecro IPS30-S10PC79-A12

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Inductive Sensors Xecro IPS30-S10PC79-A12 This most complex line of inductive sensors with standard and highest sensing distances covers all regular sizes as Ø6.5 mm, M8 x 1, M12 x 1, M18 x 1, M30 x 1.5 Furthermore, this series also combines the highest sensing distances available, with extremely short housings, as e.g. M8, semi-shielded, 4 mm, connector M8 in a 32 mm short housing. M12, semi-shielded, 8 mm, connector M12 in a 35 mm short housing. M12, semi-shielded, 8 mm, cable in a 22 mm short housing.

Type: IPS30-S10PC79-A12

Manufacturer: Xecro

Made in Germany

Product Category:
Type IPS30-S10PC79-A12
Housing size M30x1.5
Connection M12
Output function NO PNP
Supply Voltage 3-wire DC
Body Length 79mm
Mounting Flush
Sensing distance 10 mm
Degree of protection IP67

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