Time to POWER UP with smart Level Measurement Solutions

Time to POWER UP with smart Level Measurement Solutions

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Solutions for the power industry:

Our Product Manager N. Oppenberger has been looking into the very specific requirements for measurement technology within the power industry. Together with J. Bareth, Area Sales Manager Central Europe, he explains solutions for overfill protection, empty notification as well as continuous level measurement of bulk goods and liquid media required for the different production processes.

What is the main focus of this webinar?

In line with the rapid development of the economy and of technology we have a continuously growing demand for electricity as mankind invents computers, intelligent home appliances, electric cars, intelligent robots and many more products that use electricity.

To produce the power required many challenges have to be overcome, some of which we would like to cover in our webinar. In this live special you  receive an insight into choosing the right level measurement sensors for the different processes and sub-processes of the power sector.

Our experts demonstrate where certain technologies work and where they don’t, as well as investigating particularly challenging applications giving specific recommendations of what sensor technology is best suited to solve them.

⚐ Robust and certified continuous, point level and interface measurement under demanding process conditions such as:

  • High dust content
  • High temperature
  • Different pressures
  • Aggressive material
  • High mechanical load
  • Different installation situations
  • Risk of explosion

⚐ Example of a special solution using guided wave radar sensor technology

⚐ Focus on measurement technology in waste-to-energy, hydropower and biomass power generation

↪ Case Studies of applications in different processes, such as:

  • Coal & Ash handling
  • Condenser & Economizer
  • Conveying & Storing
  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Transfer Pump
  • Steam Drum
  • Slag Bin
  • Finishing

↪ Configuration of suitable sensors and installation recommendation tailored to the process conditions

↪ Possibilities & limitations of measurement technologies

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